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Contemporary Art by Jenny Gray

My recent work explores the concept of how small “bits” or fragments of information, such as DNA, cells, microbes, etc. play huge roles in life.

A second theme that has run through my work for years is the act of covering, layering, hiding, censoring and the control I have to only show part of the story. We all have and use this power everyday to show people only what we want to show them about ourselves, both physically and psychologically.

Working with these ideas, I create layered abstract oil on canvas paintings with “informational fragments”—some completely covered, some behind translucent layers, some prominently on the surface. My paintings’ layers, textures and drawing tell very personal stories of my explorations, but I also intend for my canvases to encourage the viewer to discover and see their own evolving stories as well.


Group Show June 2013, “Glorious Abstraction” The Watershed Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

Group Show “Figure & Form” April 2013, Schrager & Clarke Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

Group Show “Home” January 2013, Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, Salem, Oregon

Solo Exhibition, January 2013, Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, Salem, Oregon

Invitational Show “Small Pleasures” December 2012, Jacobs Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

Invitational Show “Art of Plankton” July 2012, Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis Oregon

Solo Exhibition “Structure” March 2012, OpusVII, Eugene, Oregon

Group Juried Show with two other artists, “Revealed” May 2011, Jacobs Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

Around Oregon Juried Show, September 2010, Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis Oregon

Solo Exhibition “New Work” June 2010, Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, Oregon

Oregon Group Show, May 2009, Broadley Vineyards, Monroe, Oregon

Solo Exhibition “Print to Paint, Paint to Print” December 2008, Opus6ix, Eugene, Oregon

Solo Exhibition “Distillation,” June 2006, Opus6ix, Eugene, Oregon

Landscapes Group Show, September 2006, Broadley Vineyards, Monroe, Oregon

Coos Art Museum Biennial, Juried Show The Art of Oregon, October 2006, Coos Bay, Oregon

Bibliography / Related Exposure

“Interview with Jenny of Jenny Gray” Liam Makes, March 10, 2009

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Work included in “The Custom Art Collection: Art for the Contemporary Home” Jamin Mills and Ashley Mills

Painting included on the set of the Mad Men series, season 6, 2013

Collection of work on permanent display in the public areas of the Lindon Apartments, Portland Oregon


2002 - 2004 Independent Study, Oil Painting with Oregon Artist Adam Grosowsky

1989 - 1991 San Jose State University, San Jose, California

1985 - 1988 Orange Coast College and Questa College, California



photo by miss Dawn States

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